September 21, 2010

Get blown


曇りと晴れの間の空に秋風がふく。植木がゆれて葉っぱのニオイがした瞬間、SE Divisionへ、ピュー!

会社にて、i podからドユュコヂュクドコという独特の前奏、StarfuckerのFlorida が流れると、ともちゃんとSE Laddで過ごしたThanksgivingへ、ピュー!

日曜日の洗濯中、プレーヤーからShinsのAustralia が流れると、PSUのサッカーフィールドを眺めて座った芝生へ、ピュー!

電車の中、ipod からカズくんのCoffee Girl Song(※画像がない)が流れると、NWの家からダウンタウンへむかう自転車のペダルをこぐ私、Peterとお昼寝をしたTanner Springs Parkへ、ピュー!




September 8, 2010

Blessed Rain

It is raining hard.
I like to hear the sound of rain as long as I stay inside.

This is my favorite mag.
I bought this from Man Ray's exhibition at The National Art Center.
I went there with Chie and we bought this together.

Every morning I have a cup of black coffee with this mag and bite a piece of chocolate.
That's my beginning of a day.

September 4, 2010

Fun to watch.


Contrary to her tiny body, she was tough.
It was beautiful and pure story.


I liked the unique humor.
The gyoza Bachan made looked so good, so after the movie, I run into the chinese restaurant and ate gyoza.

最近ではThe Cityも見てるよ!

I enjoy the inside of fashion industry in NYC. Olivia is trouble, but the most people from this show are sophisticated. I am stimulated by their passion for work and learn from their professional behaviors. Actually I am more interested in Erin and Olivia's things than the main character, Whitney. Anyway this show makes me want to go to New York.