March 18, 2009

Want it? Make it!

My room in Tokyo has tatami, so I decided to make my room Japanese.
Japanese style's symbol is chabudai, which is Japanese style coffee table.

I went to so many antique shops to find the chabudai, but I never found.
It's rare and even though I found some, they were too big for my small room.
I want the chabudai, that means I have to get the chabudai!

Then I remembered my mom knew some good carpenters because she works with architecture.
I asked the carpenter to make the one exactlly i want,
and he made it for me!

I helped it little bit.
He is genius!

I'm moving to Tokyo day after tomorrow.

March 4, 2009

Visiting old friends

I went to Takayama for this weekend to see my friend.
Takayama is surrounded by the mountains and there is still old street from hundreds years ago.

Yuki, we went to highschool together.
She is the teacher of highschool in Takayama and she is getting merried this year.

Takayama is so traditional.

I felt the old good days of Japan.

It's good to respect the old things.
The past never comes back, but it was still there.
When I touched the wood post of old temple, I felt the warmness from back then.

After the sightseeing, we went to hotspring.
Nothing better than hotspring in the winter of Japan.

After the hotspring, I got a call from the friend, Miyoshi who was also from the same highschool.
She said she missed us.
She lives in Kanazawa which is 1.5hours away from Takayama.
Yuki and I were like, "ok we are coming!"

We did the party at her place all night long.
Next morning we were heading to the ocean!

Seaside drive!

Miyoshi is my oldrest friend.
We went to the kindargarten, elementary school, junior high, and highschool together.
Long history!

Congraturation on your wedding, Yuki! By Aya and Miyoshi

Did you know Japan Sea is this beautiful?

The short trip to Takayama and Kanazawa was really really fulfilling.