November 26, 2008

A place called collage

Although i sometimes say i don't wanna study, it not that i hate school.
I like to go to class. I just don't like to do homework.

Today I realized the classes were over in two weeks, which means I have only two more weeks as a college student.
No way! That made me sentimental.

All day today i had thought the college was a very interesting place.

Thousands people, who study different things, gather in one place called campus.
In the site, each group of 10-50 people are learning in each concrete box in the buildings.
Many kinds of studies are in one place like a melting pot of many studies.
I think that's so interesting because it's invisible.

People pay for the foods, clothes, rent, and learning.
I thought tuition was way too expensive.
I still kinda think so, but now I also think it's worth.
I will make use of communication studies -that's what I learned in college- for my future job as a book editor.

This summer I attended the graduation celemony ahead.
This is Peter. Oh i miss him so much.
Anyway, at that time, I didn't feel that was real, and now I do.
I graduate from school this December.

Last month I was not sure if I would stay here or go back to Japan.
Finally I decided to return home to Japan at the end of January.
Even though I loooooove Portland sooooo much, I'm positive toward my decision.
Thank you friends for listeing and giving me the advise.
I’ll enjoy the rest of Portland for two months.

November 25, 2008

Extra-Special Music Live!

The most exciting thing I had last week was Of Montreal!

OMG! Their show was not the concert but performance art!
Now I would never be satisfied with any other artists.

I couldn't take the good photos with my cheap camera, but there are some high quality and amazing ones taken by Minh.

Portland Mercury

Go to the link if you wanna see how crazy they were!

November 16, 2008

Where is my....

I have been sick since last week and it's getting better.
But somehow I lost my voice from last night!
I don't know what my voice usually sounds like, and some people say "you should be a voice actor!"
WTF!? That means my voice is anime voice?
No thank you! I don't accept it.
Even if my voice is usually like anime, now it's not!
It's so husky now!
If you wanna hear my husky voice, give me a call. haha



Steel Bridge渡って、川沿いずーっと走って。




St Honorっていうカラメルがシューにかかって生クリームも甘くなくて最高。

I can't live without sweets.
....and my voice please come back!

November 15, 2008

one day

Knitting goes well so far.
It's about half done.

It's ugly and lovely bacause it's handmade.

After having the cup of coffee I went to the treasure hunting.

The place called House of Vintage is fun place to shop.
They have so many stuff in the huge store and it's so messy.
Sometimes I find cool stuff on the dusty floor, behind the shelf, and on the ceiling.
I stayed there for almost two hours.

So 80's! maybe early 90's?
They are very affordable. I've never bought more than $20.

I like old audio devices.
This tiny cool TV still works all right.

I want a typewriter.
It's not the one I want because it not old enough, but someday I will get and write a letter with it.

On the way home I stopped by Wholefoods and i saw those.
I'm sugerholic lately and these cakes made me want some sweets so bad.
Then I decided to do baking at home.

Cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookie.
I used the chopped prune instead of butter so it's low-calorie and less sweet.
I made too much and now my kitchen is full with the cookies.

November 9, 2008

First Thursday November

This month the French artisit, Mijn flew all the way from Pairs.
Her art is so pretty and scary, which is vey deep.
Compound Gallery







Oh I can't believe it's already November...
Time goes to0 fast.

November 7, 2008

Yes, we can!

The day before yesterday was the memorial day.
Needless to say, OBAMA!

Good Bye Bush!
I went to the election party at Ace hotel.
Some people were crying to hear the Obama's speech.
He gave hope to us.
I was so luckey to be in the U.S. and share that moment with my frineds.

DJ Neo G Yo!
He is one of my sweetest frineds, Danny.
After the party I went to see his radio show - Every Tuesday at midnight.
The studio looked like the secret base.
He usually do rapping in the show but that night he played music and celebrated the Obama's victory.

November 4th, 2008.
Everybody in town was super happy.
I will never forget that night.

November 4, 2008

Brooklyn Trip

She is my GF, Chie.
This summer she came to visit me from Japan, and we went to Brookelyn/New York together.

The theme of this trip was "Trip like living."
It was our second time to visit New York, so we skipped most sightseeing stuff.
We were just in laid back mood and hanged out in the neighborhood like at cafes and bars in Brooklyn.

New York Donuts Planet.

Our favorite cafe in Williumsburg.
We went there at least three times.

Picnic in the beautiful afternoon.

Super sweet brownie and americano.
Oh, this coffee was stumptown!
Now it became popular even in New York?

This place called Dumont-different one from the famous Dumont Burger, the atmosphere there made me feel so eccentric? I don't know the appropriate word to the feeling.

I had BLT there and it was the best BLT ever.
After eating, the leftovers, the pickles, fries, and bread looked so comfy in this place.
I was feeling good and they were also.

Outside was raining so hard, we were waiting until stopping the rain.
It was the one of the most favorite place and moment in Brooklyn.

Can't miss it! New York Cheese Cake at Juniors!

New Musium.
The architecture was unique.
It was like build up by the concrete boxes.


Hard to understand contemporary art, which means good.

On the roof of New Museum.
Besides it, we went to Moma also.

Impressive guy in Chinatown.
He yelled out, "SHIT DOWN! NEXT!"

Vintage shopping was fun, but i didn't buy anything because I couldn't afford them.
I like shopping in Portland better than in New York.

It was the nice cafe.
We spend a lot of time having coffee and talking.

A million diamonds. The view from Empire State Building.

Thank you! Brooklyn Bridge!

Everything was so fun because i was with you, Chie!

November 2, 2008

Last Thursday

The Last Thursday would have been my last Last Thursday.
I went to Alberta to see the art show Justin curated.
There were some arts I liked but I can't remember the name of the artist.

After the show, we sit around the fire with the random weird and middle age guy who wore U of O pants and the big sunglass -fyi, it was after midnight.
I didn't completely get what he was talking about.
After he left, we were like WTF?
It was fun.
I liked how Justin treated the weird guy.

今月もLast Thursday行ってきました。

Last Thursdayはストリートイベントで、このショウも家のガレージを改装してギャラリーにしたもの。

Last Thursdayは野外だから、夏にめっちゃ盛り上がるぶん、冬は普通けっこうスローになるんだけど、この日は10月にもかかわらずけっこう人が来ててびっくりでした。


そしたら見知らぬおじさんがやってきて、とりあえずこのおじさんめっちゃ変で、まずこのサングラスにU of Oのハーフパンツ、インパクト大やった。