December 16, 2010

Never be in the way and never out the way.

I bought this lip balm at Whole Foods more than 3 years ago.
I found this near the cash register and put it into the shopping cart casually.

This is disappeared suddenly, and hide from me for a while, then one season later, I find this from somewhere like the bottom of my bag, my friends house, or the pocket of my winter coat.
We are not always together, but I have been with this for more than 3 years.

This would be expired as a lip balm, but I don't care.
As long as this comes back to me, I keep using this.

December 12, 2010

Seasons greetings from apt 304

Taste wonderful

Matt brought fresh flavor for me from Portland.

When I make coffee, time goes slow.
I was thinking this beans traveled from Indonesia to Portland, then ended up here.
I really appreciate this one cup of fate.