December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

This year it's a quite literally white Christmas.

This is the living room of our new apartment.

Christmas girls.

We went to Chirstmas dinner party at Jer's.

Thank you for the delicious meals, Jer and Fransisco!

We played Wii and DDR!
and I realized I'm kinda good at DDR which is little bit embarrassing.

Jer mouse

Francisco mouse

Johnny mouse

Marco mouse

Richard mouse

Next day I went to Danny's mom house and had a great dinner.
His family is so sweet because it's Danny's family.

I like the concept of holidays in America because they have their own life in normal days and in holiday they get together and apriciate the family.
I'm glad he asked and involved me to the warm American holiday.
I like his sweater so much btw.

Did you know in Japan Christmas is for couples like Valentines day.
After i move back to Japan I want to celebrate Christmas with my family!
New Japanese tradition!
I became so Americanized?

December 23, 2008

Snowy week

Last week my friend Kei came to visit me.
When he visited here for the first time a year ago, he was attracted by Porltnad, and since then he came back here two times.
We went to Portland photo tour!
Do you recognize where those are?

It has been snowing last for four days, and I'm like, hey snow that's enough!
Oh well that's ok because now I'm very happy with my new neighhorhood.
Actually after he left, I moved to SE Ladd Addition.
This neighborhood is the best in Portland as far as I know.

Come to see me and let's take a walk together in this peaceful neighhorhood.

December 15, 2008

After the finals

Three days ago, I finished all my classes.
The final project I commited for the last few months was such a hardcore!
The final paper for the project was 23 pages long, which was the biggest paper I've ever written in my life.
I stayed over for two days at the school computer lab in order to finish the paper.
I turned in the paper, then, finally officially I graduated!

I was waiting to open the box of my new camera until my finals were over, and I finally opened it.
I was out on the town with new camera and I had so much fun this weekend with friends, and booze.

Matt just moved and i went to see it. His new apartment is so cool, isn't it?

He celebrated my graduation and made a bloody mary for me.

I added hot source in it and it was so good!
It's a very misterious drink.

With Brandon and Thalia.
After that we went to soul night and my friends celebrated my graduation.
Thank you frineds!
But why my face is so white in this photo?
I have gotten away from goth ever since halloween.

Next day i went to Lindsay's birthday party.
I like a house party and I will miss it because Japan doesn't have a house party.

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

After that I joined to the girls stayover party at Jupiter, but as soon as I got there, I passed out.

Next morning after we woke up, we hanged out on the bed for a while.
It was my first time to stay at Jupiter, and it was much nicer than I expected.
I thought it was Ikea hotel, but it was moderately stylish and cozy.

It's the view from window of the Jupiter.
Can you tell how cold the morning was?

On the way home from Jupiter, I stopped by Compound and I went to lunch to the diner in NW with Matt and Katsu.
His plate was so American breakfast, eggs, toasts, gravy, sausage, and hash browns.

Meanwhile I had the waffle and it was so good.
I was so hungry, so i just kept eating and listening their talking.

Next day I went to watch the film called urban bike shorts, which consisted of about 8 short films.

The film was so cool. The performance of the pist bike in urban life, Japanese Keirin(bike race) culture, old fiml from 80's of a funny guy riding bike with guiter and accordion, music video with the creeply animals and the girl riding cruisers, things like that.
Bike culture is so popular now, and in the film I saw some hipsters did super rough and almost impossible bike ride in the traffic.
It was so rude and dangerous!

Of course it was the perforance for the film but I know some people actually do that in the real life!- I think bike riders in Portland are mostly low key though.
I like cyclists, bike culture, also I love my bike and myself riding the bike.
But i don't want to ride a bike for fashion, well... maybe it's part of my fashion, but i don't want to be a selfish rider.
Anyway, the film was well done and I enjoyed it a lot.

And today when I woke up and opened the blind in my room, the view I saw was all white!
All day today I stayed at home and warmed up.
I cleaned up my room and kitchen, baking and cooking with my roommates and friends.
It was a peaceful snowy day.

December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Lots of things happened this weekend.
These are the high lights of this weekend.

I cooked tons of meal with Tomochan.
We made: Corn bread, Vegi soup, karaage, Hot pot, mashed potatoes, avocado salad, and cheese cakes.
Oh damn! I forgot to take a picture of them.
It was a huge thanksgiving meal and we ate all of them for two days.
I ate way too much and I almost dead.

At the night my friend Sam came to visit to Portland from Eugene.
We chilled out at cafe after midnight talking about his miliary experience in Korea.

All I did in the afternoon was eating.
I finished the leftover from the last night with Tomochan.
At the night my frined Iori and his friend Sho came to visit from Santa Barbara and we went to midnight hiking to the mountain park in inner SE.


I went to Detour cafe in Division for brunch.
I had BLT and homemade curry potato soup, both were so delicious, especially the soup.

After hanging out in SE for awhile, We went to Thanksgiving sale and I bought the new camera.
It's still in the box and I won't open it until my final is over because once i open it, I will play with the new camera and I will never study.

Fashion show at Lower East Burnside.

After the fashion show, I went to the house party at Miranda's.
Miranda is such a sweet and cool chick.
It was a good time with Keg, fire and friends.

After I went to Tigerd to buy the yarn with my roommate, Risako, I went to library to do homework little bit.

At the night I went to see the Ian's band, Sea Cave, at Rantom.
It was my first time to see his performance and I was surprised the crowd and their good misic.
Also it was nice to see some friends I haven't had seen for a while.

And you know what?
Now it's already Sunday night.
The pile of papers and homework are waiting for me.
I'm so behind!

This is how I am now.
I'm crushed under the weight of tons of things to do.
Wish me luck....