March 18, 2009

Want it? Make it!

My room in Tokyo has tatami, so I decided to make my room Japanese.
Japanese style's symbol is chabudai, which is Japanese style coffee table.

I went to so many antique shops to find the chabudai, but I never found.
It's rare and even though I found some, they were too big for my small room.
I want the chabudai, that means I have to get the chabudai!

Then I remembered my mom knew some good carpenters because she works with architecture.
I asked the carpenter to make the one exactlly i want,
and he made it for me!

I helped it little bit.
He is genius!

I'm moving to Tokyo day after tomorrow.


Beth said...

can he make one like 3 inches tall for my room? hahahahaha

i can't wait to see our place! it's gonna be so cute!

K.nov17 said...


jerylynism said...

awwww, how sweet of him! i wish i could make my own furniture.