September 13, 2009

The Little Artisit

On Friday night, I suddenly became to want to go to somewhere I've never been to.
I took the train from Shinjuku and headed for north.


I arrived a cozy town which has this beautiful lake.

small artist

I was walking along the lake and I met this little artist.

These are all information I got about her.

She likes eating and drawing.
She likes the color of camel.
She likes a striped shirt and vintage stuff.
She is patient.
Her birthday is coming in 5 days.
Her partner's name is Scott.
She never been to Thailand.



We sat by the lake, and drew and talked a lot.


This is the art piece I drew. Not bad, is it?


Happy birthday, the little artist.
You rock!

She told me this town is called Mito, FYI.

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Matt said...

I like this post quite a bit...
Chie, the little artist and her faithful companion Aya chan!