May 9, 2010


Recently in Japan, media talk about China a lot.

Before I go there, I tried not to hear them so that I can see everything clearly.

I didn't go to Expo by the way. I didn't have time for that.

My personal conclusion;

1. Shanghai is contrasting city.

New and old.

The new parts are very busy and cheap.
"Cheap" doesn't only mean price of commodity, but also the city's development itself.
From the details of the city, like subway and the entrance of the tall building, you will see how cheap they are. It's kinda like a toy.

On the other hand, old parts are stinky but humanly.

Rich people and poor people.

It was like a movie, Metropolis.

2. China is passionate, and the passion might come from their hard time in the past.
I saw it through the arts.
Many pieces has sense of humor but also those are sharp and strong.

3. Shanghai people are very thoughtful and kind.
Of course, Haruka's friends, and even taxi drivers, they were good people.
Oh! and food was very very tasty.

In short, Shanghai is EXCITING!

Thank you, Haruka!


Beth said...

looks so amazing, i want to go so bad stilllllll. i'm glad you found out it's really as good as i hoped. that crab is nast though.

aya said...

Next plan is Korea!
Are you in?
Oh and the crab was cute, but I ate them. lol