May 5, 2013


I've done with my work earlier than i expected. I decided to spend the 4 days weekend in Gifu with my family.

The first day, we went to the freshwater fish aquarium in kawashima. The place was along Kiso-river. The air there was so fresh.

The tiny flog is art.

I saw cutie capibara.

Next day we headed to the mountain, Hirugano high land.

The straight road with mountain and farm.

Had a great pizza on the Hirugano ski highland.

We found the headwater of Nagara river. Nagara river is one of the big 3 river in Gifu. The water there was extremely clear and cold.

Had a rich milk icecream made from Hirugano milk.

It was great weather all through this weekend.I didn't know the air in Gifu was fresh and tasty. My body was all cleaned up.

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