December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Lots of things happened this weekend.
These are the high lights of this weekend.

I cooked tons of meal with Tomochan.
We made: Corn bread, Vegi soup, karaage, Hot pot, mashed potatoes, avocado salad, and cheese cakes.
Oh damn! I forgot to take a picture of them.
It was a huge thanksgiving meal and we ate all of them for two days.
I ate way too much and I almost dead.

At the night my friend Sam came to visit to Portland from Eugene.
We chilled out at cafe after midnight talking about his miliary experience in Korea.

All I did in the afternoon was eating.
I finished the leftover from the last night with Tomochan.
At the night my frined Iori and his friend Sho came to visit from Santa Barbara and we went to midnight hiking to the mountain park in inner SE.


I went to Detour cafe in Division for brunch.
I had BLT and homemade curry potato soup, both were so delicious, especially the soup.

After hanging out in SE for awhile, We went to Thanksgiving sale and I bought the new camera.
It's still in the box and I won't open it until my final is over because once i open it, I will play with the new camera and I will never study.

Fashion show at Lower East Burnside.

After the fashion show, I went to the house party at Miranda's.
Miranda is such a sweet and cool chick.
It was a good time with Keg, fire and friends.

After I went to Tigerd to buy the yarn with my roommate, Risako, I went to library to do homework little bit.

At the night I went to see the Ian's band, Sea Cave, at Rantom.
It was my first time to see his performance and I was surprised the crowd and their good misic.
Also it was nice to see some friends I haven't had seen for a while.

And you know what?
Now it's already Sunday night.
The pile of papers and homework are waiting for me.
I'm so behind!

This is how I am now.
I'm crushed under the weight of tons of things to do.
Wish me luck....

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jerylynism said...

storyyyyyyyyy of my life.
i mean, being behind not the whole being popular and attending guerrilla fashion shows, going to house parties, and garage band shows part.