January 31, 2010


Lately I realize....

1. I am slowly becoming a morning person.
I wake up 1 hour earlier. The one hour in the morning is 10 times valuable than the one at night. also i can escape a rush hour.

2. I like banana and peanuts butter.

Lunch Pack/ peanuts
I eat this and banana everyday for breakfast, even though this name is Lunch Pack.
Today Beth made PBJ and gave it to me.

3. I often go to a library.
I go there with a tumbler of tea, comfortable sweater and jeans, no makeup.
I don't have to talk to anyone, go and sit and read, sometimes study.
Library is a heaven for a poor girl like me.
My favorite is Chiyoda library.
I can see Tokyo Tower from the window.
Books and Tokyo Tower is an unexpected combination, and actually they are good together.

4. I like them.

Miyuki Hatoyama
She is daring.

Yuriko Yoshitaka and Asami Usuda
They are my type.

5. Love is hard.
It's not easy to be in love with someone.
I like everyone but there are only a few people I feel something special so far in my life.
I wanna be honest to myself and it would be nice if I can foster it.

6. Japanese landlords are mean.
Bike to work is on the top of my list for now, and it's kinda too far to bike from here.
Then Beth, Hanako, and I are trying to move to somewhere cheaper and closer to Shinjuku and Shibuya.
But they are not friendly to us because we wanna share the house, which they don't like, and one of us is a foreigner and the other is part-timer.
Simply we promise we pay the rent... what's wrong with it?
They are so conservative!
Our plan goes nowhere...

7. I am sick.
Everyone is sick now and finally i got, too. Hope I feel better soon.

8. Chuo line is moratorium line.
I live in Nishiogikubo and I feel moratorium air from people here also from others like Nakako, Koenji etc...
I'm comfortable with this area, which means I am in moratorium? I don't know.

Ok, I have to go to bed!
Good night!!

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