March 21, 2010


"Aya and I are in Asagaya." Beth texted to Naoko.
We went to starbacks in Asagaya.

"Hey, I want espresso, do you know somewhere good near here?"
"I know some but it's expensive and not worth it."
"Oh i see. There is a good one in Shimokita, but it's pointless to pay the train fee for just one cup of coffee."
"Ok, so let's go to Starbucks. It's reasonable."

I think Starbuck is succeed in Japan.

After coffee, we walked around the station.
On the north side, there is a small old izakaya district, which is very interesting.

Today even the stake house was affected by deflation.

Asagaya has lots of green.
This photo is like Studio Ghibli.

I like Asagaya more than I thought.

We came back to Nishiogikubo, and hanged out in the park for a while.
This guy fell into my umeshu bottle and he was soaked with umeshu.
I saved him.

After that, we had good Yakitori sitting outside.
Having beer in the early evening was so great.
We got drunk with yakitori smoke.
It was still bright and that night was open-ended.
I love it.

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sarah said...

you are so funny and adorable!