June 17, 2012

I'm working in Tokyo.

Since I left Portland, it has been 3 years. I have worked in Tokyo.

The first year in Tokyo, I worked so hard at a book production company. I was always sitting in front of Mac, and doing DTP. I just carried on the task someone brought to my desk. It was like a hell. At that time, Portland days were too bright for me. I didn't wanna say like, "That days were good", but my heart was tighten up when I closed my eyes and looked back at the slow and exciting days. Sometimes it was even painful.

But things has changed little by little since the beginning of this year.


Two years later, I finally said farewell to the labor activity, then I changed the job from making books to editing web media. The company currently I work at has some target media. My coworkers are unique and geeks. They stimulates me. The first year at this company, I edited a portal website. I read tons of news everyday and picked up some and arranged them at the first page with the title I wrote. The portal website has 15000000 page views per a month which means incredible number of people read the articles I picked up. What I manage such a mega site was a good experience.

This April, I got a offer of the new position, an editor of new media, roomie. This media is focusing on all things indoor living. The editor team is friendly, also I can write about whatever I want as long as it's about indoor living. This is all articles I wrote so far.

The other day, I went to the big interior exhibition called interior lifestyle Tokyo. There were over 600 exhibitors. I visited each booth for coverage, and I had some designers and label owners said, "I constantly read roomie." "I am a fun of roomie." I saw the readers of roomie in person and they gave some feedback. The experience gave me a great impact. I finally had the sense of what I'm doing. It was like a Helen Keller's "water!"

I want to meet more new people and things, write about them, publish as the contents people find something exciting from them. I am greedy. I wanna have fun with my job. PLUS it is my pleasure if my job brings something good to the society even a little bit. I'm looking for the cross-point of the two aspects. This is such an abstract explanation, but this is all what I can explain right now.

Since I came back from Portland, I was in the long tunnel, then now I slightly see the light down the road. Now I can say with confidence, I like what I'm doing. I'm exciting the new day is coming.

P.S. Actually I'm writing this for sometime when I have a hard time with my work. hehe.


Matt said...

This is really good Aya. I read a few articles. Great work. I never had doubts about your future. matt

ayabean said...

Thanks, Matt!