November 26, 2008

A place called collage

Although i sometimes say i don't wanna study, it not that i hate school.
I like to go to class. I just don't like to do homework.

Today I realized the classes were over in two weeks, which means I have only two more weeks as a college student.
No way! That made me sentimental.

All day today i had thought the college was a very interesting place.

Thousands people, who study different things, gather in one place called campus.
In the site, each group of 10-50 people are learning in each concrete box in the buildings.
Many kinds of studies are in one place like a melting pot of many studies.
I think that's so interesting because it's invisible.

People pay for the foods, clothes, rent, and learning.
I thought tuition was way too expensive.
I still kinda think so, but now I also think it's worth.
I will make use of communication studies -that's what I learned in college- for my future job as a book editor.

This summer I attended the graduation celemony ahead.
This is Peter. Oh i miss him so much.
Anyway, at that time, I didn't feel that was real, and now I do.
I graduate from school this December.

Last month I was not sure if I would stay here or go back to Japan.
Finally I decided to return home to Japan at the end of January.
Even though I loooooove Portland sooooo much, I'm positive toward my decision.
Thank you friends for listeing and giving me the advise.
I’ll enjoy the rest of Portland for two months.


Beth said...

you look really tall in that picture with peter.

also, did you know whitney and tommy are coming to visit me in march?


Miki said...


aya said...

Beth, Oh yeah I look so tall.
Whitney and Tommy in Japan?
That's gonna be super fun!
Are they gonna stay in Yamagata?
Let's party in Japan!


Beth said...

They're coming to Yamagata and then we're all going to Tokyo. I don't know if Tommy's confirmed everything but Whitney's buying her ticket soon. It's gonna be so FUNNNNNNNNNN