February 12, 2009




I took the train to Nagoya to see Chie.
Between nagoya and gifu is so rural and nobody was in the train.
i thought many things with listening starfucker.

I wanted to be in the train forever.
If i didn't took off the train, it took me to the pacific ocean.

i thought i could have felt more uncomfortable in japan.
Of course i miss portland to death but it's different things from how i'm feeling about japan.
i'm doing ok here.
Here is not the perfect place for me but i accept everything.
I learned how to accept.
"Accept" doesn't mean compromise, but i understand how things go in a good way.
Change is good, one day my friend Peter told me so.

For now I'm excited to move to tokyo.
As the first step of my new life, i will go to Tokyo next week to find the apartment which is gonna be the second place for me and Beth.
I hope I can find the good one.
Wish me luck!

I met up with chie and she took me to the jazz cafe.
I helped Chie making the scrapbook of portland.
She is always creative and dedicated for everything.
Meanwhile, I am a very rough and easy going person so we work so well i think.

Also I'm always laughing so hard with chie because she is ultra funny.
That day we were laughing a lot as usual looking the bunch of photos we took in portland.
Then, the owner came to us and said, "please not laughing with clapping your hands... we are playing the jazz record..."
Hahaha, sorry!
Anyway, i'm so luckey to have the good friends in japan i can share about portland with.
I will do my scrapbook of Portland in this blog sometime soon hopefully.

Btw, finally Wii came to my house.
I had so much fun playing wii at jer's in portland.
I will turn to be a nard playing Wii for the next few days.
Friends! Take me out from my parent house!

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jerylynism said...

you're just excited for the Wii Weather Channel. :)

you should add me on your friends list and we can play. what's your friend code?

and don't be sad about portland. it will always be here for you when you can return!