February 9, 2009

I am in Japan

Here this is Japan.
Since I came back, it has been good days in Japan.

View from my house.
There is the big park in front of my house.
Nobody was there today.

My sleepy dog.
Watching his sleeping face is worth that I came back to Japan.

Besides my dog, the good things about Japan is food!

I baked the rice cake on the stove.
It's very oldfashion.

The next day I arrived here, I got the flu and I had to stay in my bad for a week, which was not fun.
Finally I get over the flu and I went out.

I went to lunch with my parent.
They are always fun to talk with.
My parent is interested in opening the cafe and they go to many cafes in this town to check them.

The cafe we came today was ridicurous...
Guess how much is the coffee on the table?
It was 500yen! (500yen is about 5 dollers)
It was just coffee, not espresso drink and smaller than small size in Portland and more expensive than large size in Portland.
Less than any coffee in Portland....

It's big problem for me not to have good and affordable coffee in Japan.
But I'm doing ok so far because I brought back Stumptown bean and vintage grinder.
I'm drinking tasty coffee at home.

This is not Willamette rive.
This is Nagara river in my hometown.
It's beautiful and this river reminds me Portland.....

Why am I in Japan?
I don't know.....
fuck... I miss Portland...


Beth said...

in one year, just before our lease runs out, we will have a conference on serious matters.

1. have we made this apartment the bomb?
2. how many nights per week do we think or say, "I LOVE FUCKING EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET"?
3. have we found a way to sustain our coffee culture roots?
4. have we fallen in love with a local music scene?
5. how much do we love tokyo vs. how much do we miss oregon?

after deeply discussing these and other related questions, we will choose one of the following:

1. keep on rockin in the free tokyo.
2. get the fuck back to where it's happening, by any means necessary, and LIVE OUR YOUTH THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE.

deal? deal???? DEAL??????? THIS IS SERIOUS

jerylynism said...

You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that that river you like so much looks like a GREAT place for some inspiration. If you have time, you should go down there and lay out a blanket and sketch some things out! :) I bet it'd take your mind off missing Portland.
I miss you, Aya! You know what? You, me, Beth, and Chie should start an art blog. How cool would that be?

aya said...

Hell yeah!!
I really wanna find the neighborhood I can be into like PDX.
Deal Deal deal!

Yes, you right.
The river inspires me to write something.

I like drawing and more than that I like writing! (That's the job I'm going to do from the spring!)
Art blog!
Coooool! Let's do that!

Beth said...

i'm not expecting we can find an apartment in an awesome neighborhood on our budget, but if we do, maybe we should grab it even if it's the size of a closet. otherwise i'm SURE we'll find some awesome places to hang out all the time. we need to find the stumptown of japan, too. and if we fail, we're going back to pdx! TOGETHER! if gay marriage is legal by then we're totally set, my life partner.

do you know anything about nakameguro? "down the hill from Daikanyama ...a few used-clothing stores, but the area is mostly marked by funky indie shops and up-and-coming restaurants rather than destination brands. Cult bookstore Cow Books is one of the more unique retail spaces in town."

and, art blog? i'm down! make it, jer! it's not like i have free time on my hands lol

Seasick Sarah said...

Aw I'm sad you never got to make it down to San Francisco for a visit. It will be fucking rad though to come kick it with you and Beth! I can't wait for our crazy bohemian adventures. We can go to a jazz club but one where we can howl and be all beat like. Wooooot!