February 24, 2009

Portland Scrapbook

The two years I spent in Portland was the most brilliant term in my life.

The last two week after Chie came was pretty fun and busy but still slow.
It was sunny throughout the two weeks, that's so rare in winter of Portland.
The sunshine was the gift from the god for me.

We went to some American breakfast places.

I think Portland has more unique breakfast places than the other cities.
My favorite is Juniors, Cricket cafe, and Genies.
Mmmmmm bisckets and gravy!!
I like the American culture which value the breakfast.
Having breakfast together is more meaningful than having a drink at the bar.
I can have a drink with straingers but I don't wanna have a breakfast togehter unless I know them well and like them because morning is a innocent time of a day.

Compound is definetelly my important part of my Portland life.

Coltong, his smile and hug is worth million doller.

Dell, he is very shy and cute boy.

Matt, I worked as his assistant, but he is not just my boss, he is like my uncle.

And Chris and Aira.
It was very precious time to work with the gallery and Compound crew.
I met many people through the work, and I absorbed so many things.

I really appriciate to Katsu who gave me the key to open the door of where I had never been to.
I don't even know how I can express my thanks; words are not enough...
I will be back there someday and I wanna hang out with them again!

You can't explain much about Portland without the bridges.
Willamett river and the histrical bridges connecting the West side and the East side.

Howthorne bridge.

Old town in downtown.

He is my best partner.
I went everywhere with him.

I liked to go down to the water front and sat down on the bench doing anything special just thinking.

Danny, he is the sweetest guy I've ever known.
He is very social and always with the nice circle of friends because of his personality.
When i met him for the first time, he was Danny, and now he is Neo G Yo, the hiphop musician!
I can't wait he is coming to visit to Japan.

German, Brandon, Echo.

Artisit, Jer drew my mastache face.
Jer is one of my best friend in Portland.
She is always cheerful and thoughtful.
Love you, Jer.

Johnney is the Portland skateboard boy also the filmmaker, he is so sweet despite of his coolness.
Jer and Johnney is my ideal couple.

Jake, he is funny always and I liked to hang out with him.
Win and Lose. It's so obvious in this photo! lol
We played wii tennis.

I liked to go to see the shows more than going to a movie, house parties, or drinking at bars.

My last show in Portland was Metromy from London.
I enjoyed dancing with cool hip kids.

80% of the shows I went to were the local bands'.
Now Portland indie music sence is so up and coming.
They woke me up to the indie rock music.

DJ Beyonda, she was the coolest DJ in the town.
Soul night, every second Thursday was my most favorite event.
Not only the DJing, but also the presence of her was so handsome.

I liked to go to the thrift shop to find something cool cheaply.

I also like the vintage clothes!

My bedroom.
I was not crying.
I was just blowing my nose.
I miss this vintage apartment in Ladd so much.

My last roommate in Portland.
She is my roommate, but not just a roommate for me.
She is like a universe and out of my control that makes me into her.
Tomochan, how have you been since then?

One cup of coffee a day was my lifeline especially when it was raining.
I came back to Japan, and I notice how tastey the Portland coffee is.

Also I like the time to spend at the cafe.
This is Stumptown at Ace, which is located in on my way to school, so I often stopped by there and do homework with the coffee.
There was my favorite hip barista, who has the cute smile and the master-hand of making the soy latte.

One day I was walking to home with Chie and I saw this beautiful sunset.
The silhouette of everything in my vision was emphasized clearly.
It was like the shadow picture with the orange backlight.
I will never forget the winter evening.

Keep Portland Weird.

Thanks PDX!!


Beth said...


jerylynism said...

you're more of a portlander than i'll ever be! you deserve special recognition.

xoxoxoxoxo X a million!

also, that picture of the antique phones was gorgeous.

Whitney Turner said...

Oh Aya! I am at work right now and reading through your blog and I love this one! I miss you girls soooo sooooooo much. Come visit me in Hawaii, please?! You and Beth and me! It'll be great!
My favorite part of this one was "I can have a drink with straingers but I don't wanna have a breakfast togehter unless I know them well and like them because morning is a innocent time of a day." It makes me want to eat breakfast with you :)