January 24, 2011

Single-Origin Coffee

I went to a coffee workshop.

Nozy Coffee is the rare and precious coffee shop in Tokyo.
There is the roaster machine in the back.
They don't serve foods not even pastries.
They serve only "single-origin" coffee, which means they don't blend but use single farm's bean, or a specific collection of beans from a single country.
This is good because I can taste the characteristics of beans.

I learned how to make coffee by french press.
French press coffee tastes richer than drip coffee.

Then I did cupping.
This was my first time.
I was surprised I could taste the difference clearly.

There were four kinds;

Don Jimenez(Dominica), which tastes like berries.
Karengera Watshing station(Rwanda), which tastes floral.
Buenos Aires(Nicaragua), which tastes like citrus.
Fazenda Rainha(Brazil), which tastes like chocolates.

I was in Portland, and tasty and reasonable coffee was everywhere in town.
After I moved back to Japan, I realized Portland's coffee scene had such a high quality.
I wish I could have it here in Tokyo.

I know some good coffee shops in Tokyo, and Nozy coffee became the one of them.
I want to explore more.
If you know good one, please let me know!

After that I went to the bakery across the street.
We ate tons of bread for breakfast.

It was very sunny morning.
I was satisfied by new knowledge of coffee and a pile of the bread.

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Julie said...

Thanks for this really interesting post! I'd love to go there someday because I like coffee so much, and good coffee sometimes seems rare in Japan.

Thanks for adding my blog to your list. I'm Beth's friend, and I've been to your house before although you've always been gone on those days. Someday, it would be nice to meet you. If you come to Kansai, let's meet up.

Take care,