November 3, 2011

I Am in the Middle of Nowhere.

I made the pancake for brunch. It is almost my custom on weekends.
Today somehow I failed. It was the exact same recipe which worked perfectly last week. I don't understand why I failed. So weird.

The same is not always same.

For now, I have nothing stable. Money, apartment, job, friendships, relationships, even my thoughts change everyday. Yesterday was here and today is over there. I don't know how to deal with myself. I am in the middle of nowhere.

At such times, I call to my mom. Today I talked about the phone call from my little boyfriend T, who is volunteering in Tohoku. He said he was walking in the woods and the hunter almost shoot him because he was mistaken for a raccoon. I said it was because he was too big for a dachshund and he should had lose his weight.

I guess the only stable thing I have is this kind of conversation with my mom.

It's already November. Aw, how times flies.
I am wondering where I will be next month.

I hope November is a good one for me.
Also the next pancake should be good one.

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