March 18, 2013

Negative: Nothing

Photo by roomie

I went to see the movie called "Negative: Nothing". This is a documentary about the a Swiss guy named Thomas who walked through from North, Hokkaido to the South, Kagoshima.

Since 3.11 the tsunami and Fukushima disaster, less tourists come from all over the world. Considering foreigners are shown such a terrible situation on the internet or TV, it's no wonder they hesitate to visit Japan. On the other hand, it's a fact that it's no problem to visit Japan except for the seriously affected area in Fukushima.

Thomas shows that "Japan is safe" to the world by walking all across Japan from the North to the South. The movie featured some rural areas of Japan that had never been in the spotlight before. Also I saw the communication between Thomas and the local people. Their talking/discussions are interesting and sometimes funny.

I was touched that there is a foreigner who cares about Japan seriously enough. Even though I am Japanese and love Japan, I can't do that. No one does that.

He has passion and positive energy which makes people want to move forward.

Now Tohoku still has many problems. I'm thinking if there is something I can do. I want to visit Tohoku in near future and see the current situation in person.

This movie is not sad but very positive and heartwarming. I want more people to watch it.

After the screening, we roomie team had dinner with the directors. My favorite izakaya put us on their website.

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