November 4, 2008

Brooklyn Trip

She is my GF, Chie.
This summer she came to visit me from Japan, and we went to Brookelyn/New York together.

The theme of this trip was "Trip like living."
It was our second time to visit New York, so we skipped most sightseeing stuff.
We were just in laid back mood and hanged out in the neighborhood like at cafes and bars in Brooklyn.

New York Donuts Planet.

Our favorite cafe in Williumsburg.
We went there at least three times.

Picnic in the beautiful afternoon.

Super sweet brownie and americano.
Oh, this coffee was stumptown!
Now it became popular even in New York?

This place called Dumont-different one from the famous Dumont Burger, the atmosphere there made me feel so eccentric? I don't know the appropriate word to the feeling.

I had BLT there and it was the best BLT ever.
After eating, the leftovers, the pickles, fries, and bread looked so comfy in this place.
I was feeling good and they were also.

Outside was raining so hard, we were waiting until stopping the rain.
It was the one of the most favorite place and moment in Brooklyn.

Can't miss it! New York Cheese Cake at Juniors!

New Musium.
The architecture was unique.
It was like build up by the concrete boxes.


Hard to understand contemporary art, which means good.

On the roof of New Museum.
Besides it, we went to Moma also.

Impressive guy in Chinatown.
He yelled out, "SHIT DOWN! NEXT!"

Vintage shopping was fun, but i didn't buy anything because I couldn't afford them.
I like shopping in Portland better than in New York.

It was the nice cafe.
We spend a lot of time having coffee and talking.

A million diamonds. The view from Empire State Building.

Thank you! Brooklyn Bridge!

Everything was so fun because i was with you, Chie!


chie-ppa said...

I read this a lot!!!
I love reading your blog a lot.
THIS is my routine recently.
awwww I miss you and Portland a lot.
I want to go back! And You cannot leave there I am soooo sure.

Beth said...

I want you to be my guide in New York someday!

aya said...

Thanks, Chappa! I can't wait to come visit me again!

Beth, I want you to be my guide in Yamagata, please!