January 4, 2009


Hello everyone!
How have you been since New Years Day?
Me? I have been kinda fuzzy and confused because my first dream of the new year was weird.
However overall I'm doing ok!

By the way, I don't think I haven't introduce him yet.

He is my another roomie, Peter.

He is the san of Tomochan.
For the first time, I was not so interested in him, but the more I spend time with him, the more I became to be attached to him.
Now I am a aunt of him.

He is naughty and sometimes he gives some problems to Tomochan like messing up her jigsaw puzzle, which is still on the way, and biting her favorite magazines.
But he is so adorable.
When it's cold, he curls up in the cage, and I call him "Dango" which means rice dumpling.

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chie-ppa said...

omg, you are too cute.