October 29, 2008

ByeBye For a While!

Beth moved to the next phase. Her college life is over.

Last night, the day before she left, we practiced some Japanese conversations before going to the bed.

She is gonna have these conversations a million times in Japan for sure.

"Konnichiwa! Genki desuka?" = Hello, How are you?
"Woo Nihongo Jouzu desune!" = Oh your Japanese is very good!
"Arigatou gozimasu!" = Thank you!

" Sushi ga suki desu! Hashi ga tukaemasu!" = I like sushi, and I can use chopsticks.
"Woo Sugoi desune!" = Wow that's great!
"Arigatou gozaimasu!" = Thank you!

Things like that.

We laughed so hard.
For some reason, Japanese never expect Americans to speak Japanese.
Once Americans start speaking Japanese, even a tiny thing like "ohayou gozaimasu" = "good morning," Japanese get so surprized and give the huge compliments.
I think that must be weird from Americans' view and also it is so funny.

We were tired of laughing and fell into sleep.

Next moring, we went to the cafe near my house.

She got the big iced Americano as usual, and I had a latte.
NWCoffeeHouse, they always make a good coffee.

In this picture, she looks grumpy wearing the suglasses, but she was fine.
Her eyes were red because of alcohol, not much sleep, and you know. haha

Lately the weather in Portland has been pretty nice.
Today was also.
It was the perfect morning for leaving.

Beth! Good luck!
You can be like GARY SNYDER!

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